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The Backsplash Caddy is designed to hold three backsplash sections, each up to 8′ long (24′ storage potential). When bolted to the bed of a cargo van or a pickup truck, the Backsplash Caddy is a simple, low-profile way to store and transport backsplashes. $225 (shipping included when ordered with rack).

  • All-aluminum construction
  • Designed to hold 2cm and/or 3cm splash
  • 94″ long – fits in a cargo van or in the back of a pickup truck (includes mounting hardware)
  • Rear loadstop; open from the front
  • Rubber matting cushions stone, minimizes movement during transport
  • Trim-Lok® on top edges. The stone never touches metal!

Important Installation Instructions

Before bolting the Backsplash Caddy to the bed of the truck, locate the gas tank to avoid puncture. It is not necessary to bolt all six “feet” to the bed; alternating from side to side will suffice. Make sure not to drill near the gas tank.

Barkow Backsplash Caddy image 1.

Backsplash Caddy in bed of pickup truck.

Barkow Backsplash Caddy image 2.

Front view: up to 8′ backsplash slides in from front and sits safely during transport.

Barkow Backsplash Caddy image 3.

Rear view: 3 slots, each holds up to 8′ x 3cm backsplash. Rear loadstop prevents movement.