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Thank you for purchasing a Barkow glass/stone carrier. With proper care, your glass/stone carrier should give you many years of dependable service. Please read the following instructions carefully before you begin installation.


L-Bracket/Mounting Hardware (quantity 2)
3/8 x 4″ hex head bolts (quantity 2)
3/8 x 1-1/2 hex head bolts (quantity 4)
3/8″ flat washers (quantity 12)
Large flat washers (quantity 2)
3/8″ lock washers (quantity 6)
3/8″ hex nuts (quantity 12)

Step 1 – Position the Carrier

  1. Ensure the driver’s seat is fully extended back. Place the carrier inside the van as far back as possible. See Diagram A.500 series mounting instructions image 1.
  2. Use the screws that are provided to fasten the brackets to the roof bows and top.rail of the carrier. The brackets may have to be cut to fit. See Diagram B.500 series mounting instructions image 2.
  3. Be sure the carrier has a pitch of approximately four degrees and that the stakes
    move in and out easily.
  4. Locate the fuel tank before drilling to ensure it doesn’t get punctured. Drill two 3/8″ holes through the ledgeboard of the carrier. Inspect underneath the
    van for correct placement and drill through the floor of the van.
  5. Insert and fasten the 3/8″ x 4″ long bolts. See Diagram C.500 series mounting instructions image 3.

These instructions are also available in downloadable PDF format.