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Before You Begin:

  • If you also purchased a Barkow 600 Series Van Carrier, it will be easier to install the roof rack prior to the glass carrrier being mounted onto the van.
  • This high-quality stainless steel roof rack is designed to fit all American-made cargo and passenger vans with rain gutters.
  • The center Crossbar is adjustable vertically to compensate for the gutters’ curvature and create a level plane with front and rear Crossbars.

Tools Required:

  • 7/16″ open-ended wrench
  • 7/16″ socket wrench
  • Tape measure

Installation Instructions:

Step 1 – Assemble the Crossbars

102-S Mounting Instructions image 1.

  1. Use the Assembly Drawing and Packing Checklist to verify that you have all of the correct parts.
  2. Slide two (2) tie-downs onto the center of each Crossbar. Finger-tighten to secure them in place. You will wrench-tighten them later.
  3. Slide two (2) Corner Brackets onto each Crossbar. Install the adjustable Corner Brackets on one Crossbar. This will be the center Crossbar on the van. Finger- tighten brackets to secure them in place temporarily.

Step 2 – Position Front and Rear Crossbars

102-S Mounting Instructions image 2.

  1. Carefully place the Front and Rear Crossbars loosely onto the van.
    • Front Crossbar must be placed approximately 16″ back from Door Jam.
    • The Corner Brackets should fit into the gutter putty and the J-Hooks around the outside edge of the rain gutter.
  2. Center the Crossbars on the Corner Brackets, measuring from the end of each Corner Bracket to the end of each Crossbar.
  3. Loosely tighten the 7/16″ bolts connecting the Corner Brackets to the Crossbars.
  4. Loosely tighten the 7/16″ bolts under the Corner Brackets clamping the J-Hooks against the outside of the rain gutter.

Step 3 – Position center Crossbars

102-S Mounting Instructions image 3.

  1. Carefully place the Center Crossbar loosely onto the van. Locate this Crossbar approximately 301/2″ from the Front Crossbar. Tighten the bolts securing the J-Hooks to the gutter just as you did for the front and rear Crossbars.
  2. Determine the necessary height for the center Crossbar. Place a ladder, or anything else rigid and level across the Front and Rear Crossbars. Slide the Center Crossbar up to meet the bottom of the ladder and tighten the 7/16″ bolts firmly.
  3. Reposition the Crossbar Tiedowns wherever desired. Firmly tighten all bolts.

**Important: Re-torque all bolts and fasteners after two weeks to adjust for settling.**

These instructions are also available in downloadable PDF format.